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Welcome to the Locomotive Gallery!

As of April, 2010, after 10 years, the Locomotive of the Month came to an end. But our monthly presentation of a locomotive is not over. It's your turn!

We are pleased to bring you the Locomotive Gallery. This closely follows the format of the "Locomotive of the Month" but, instead of the engines all coming from our collection, we invite you to submit one (or more!) of your own engines for perusal, using the guidelines below.

The rules
There are some simple rules that we ask you to follow for inclusion in the Gallery.

1. All non-ride-on live-steam locomotives, of any age, gauge, or scale, are eligible.

2. Commercially produced, scratchbuilt, or kitbashed engines are eligible.

3. The engine must not be currently commercially available -- only out-of-production engines can be considered.

4. An engine of considerable interest need not be in running condition to be eligible.

5. The engine cannot have already been featured in the "Locomotive of the Month" series (unless yours is different in some way).

What to do
1. The first thing to do is drop us an e-mail that tells just a little about your engine. Write to us at

2. Once we give you the go-ahead, write up a description of the engine. This could include a little of the history of the prototype (if there is one), the history of the model, a description of the mechanics of the engine (especially pointing out anything of particular interest), and a description of a run, if possible.

3. Thoroughly photograph the engine (too many is better than too few). Please include a caption for each picture.

4. Tell us about the specifications of the engine, including:
* Builder
* Date built (estimate, if you're not sure)
* Gauge
* Scale
* Boiler type
* Boiler fittings
* Fuel
* Blow-off pressure
* Cylinder type
* Reversing gear (valve gear)
* Lubricator type
* Weight
* Dimensions

5. Send it all in -- we'll do the rest. You can e-mail the material to us at or send it on a disc (let us know if you need a mailing address).

6. If you have a video of your engine in action, posted on YouTube (not mandatory), send us a link to include in your writeup.

We look forward to hearing from you!